custom designed rock art by enid

rock art

For my rock art, I collect every stone myself, whether from a quartz creek in Richmond, or by the shores of the Great Lake Ontario; each piece is thoughtfully chosen for it’s texture and unique feel.

custom jewelry

I source stones from around the world and in my own backyard. Each piece of jewelry I make is unique and every design is original, drawn freehand. I use a variety of different drawing materials, from gel pens and archival ink to acrylic and oil paint pens.

my work

Below you can see a few examples of my quality work. Click an image to get started. You can navigate by either clicking an open image or by using the arrows. Close the gallery by clicking outside an image.

about me

I grew up in Williamsburg, Virginia and was born into a family of artists. My father, George Cloyed, is the distinguished Master Silversmith at Colonial Williamsburg, and my mother Ellen, studied wood-working and ceramics at VCU and carves bone figures in addition to designing and creating pieces for the family business, Cloyed Silversmiths. My older sister Emma and I have both worked as jewelry designers since their teen years.

As the Kindness Rocks movement began to spread in 2017, I joined RVA Rocks, a rock-painting group out of Richmond, Virginia. Never having drawn before, but having worked previously as a henna artist, I gravitated towards linework and original freehand designs, including mandalas. As I continued to learn through practice, I began working with different materials, from furniture and boxes to prints and wall decor.

thank you

Thanks for visiting my website! I hope you like the art, and I hope you would like to learn more about it.

If you have any questions, or would like to know where I will be appearing in the future, please submit the contact form. Thanks again!


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